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    Silent Disco Hire

    With or without DJs

  • One dancefloor > Three channels of music > One party!

    Experience the silent disco...

    How does it work?

    Every guest gets their own set of headphones and can select the music they want to hear. Our funky wireless headphones can have up to three channels playing at any one time. Your audience click the button on the headset and choose the music they prefer. There is a light on the headset so you can see what channel is selected.

    The Silent Disco equipment hire

    The Silent Disco equipment is really easy to set up - honestly it's a snitch. We send out the box of kit with really clear instructions - even your Gran could set it up!


    We deliver the kit in advance of your event - each headphone is cleaned, tested and given new batteries before we send it out.

    Following the party we then collect everything at an agreed time and recycle the batteries.


    We can have as much or as little involvement in your music as you wish. We supply The Silent Disco with or without DJs or you can opt to have pre-loaded iPads with an awesome set of tracks - each iPad will have a different style of music.


    The Silent Disco was born out of our own DJ experience - we know our music and can provide floor-filling playlists and mixes.


    There is also no problem with you doing the music too - totally up to you...


    Well why not!


    The Silent Disco is a fun alternative to a 'traditional' DJ


    More people are likely to join in with the party - everyone wants to try a headset and once they realise they can choose the music they will stay and boogie.


    The Silent Disco provides up to three channels of music, all playing at the same time - your guests can select the channel and keep flipping between them all night.


    Just some of the highlights...


    1) A hilarious dance floor - one group rocking to Bon Jovi, another raving away and another doing the YMCA - it's nuts!

    2) Your guests always have a choice of musical genres - they control how they want to party!

    3) Granny isn't being shaken by the pounding speakers - you can set the volume on your headset to your own comfort level.

    4) A great work-a-round for venues with sound limiters

  • How much does it cost?

    We know you hate those 'fill in a form to get a quote' things!!!

    Let's get down to business....

    Base package

    50 sets of headphones

    Three transmitters

    Simple set-up instructions (like really easy!)



    VAT, local delivery & collection included too

    Additional headphones

    An extra 25 sets of headphones

    Add-on to the base package




    VAT, local delivery & collection included too


    Each iPad comes pre-loaded with exclusively licensed pre-mixed music. Our background is in floor-filling DJs - we know what works. This is no Spotify playlist - these are professional DJ mixes guaranteed to get your silent dance floor moving.


    All you need to do is select your genre... from 60’s & 70’s to party hits, even old school classics - we will have a mix for your party!


    £30 per iPad


    The Silent Disco is owned by some of the best known DJs in the business. Our background is in DJs and we have some amazing talent at our fingertips.


    We will provide DJs - each playing a different genre to get your guests up and moving, plus colour coded DJ booths so the audience know which DJ they have selected.


    From £250 per DJ (3 hour set)

    Hey! I want a deal...

    We have a great package available that is perfect for weddings, parties and more...


    Three DJs - each a different genre - with three colour coded DJ booths

    Up to 200 headphones

    Disco lighting package


    From £1200

    VAT, set-up and everything included.

    Points to note...

    24/7 Customer sevice hotline

    With every hire we will give you an on call number for support


    Spares sent as standard

    We really look after our kit but life isn't always perfect - every kit always has a couple of spare sets of headphones


    ID & refundable deposit required for all hires

    No different from any other rental company

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